American History 1820 to 1860
American History:
From Pre-Columbian to the New Millennium
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Abstract: a summary of the contents of a book, article, or formal speech.

Day 1: 10 points
Start reading and in your notes list 3-facts of interest about what you are studying
Add one resource: biliography to your notes
You can use google apps for taking notes--share with me--Use the name of the subject in the title with your name
You will be graded on your 3-facts and a bibliography
Day 2: 10 points
If you are not done with the above--finish
Add 2 more facts
Add another bibliography
What would you use for narration in Movie Maker
Add all to your Google Apps page that's shared with me
Day 3: 10 points
Start getting information together for a presentation.
1. Save pictures to your hard drive-create a folder called 1820 to 60
2. Get your pictures from Online Encyclopedia Britanica
3. What part in narrating or telling the story will be your part
Put your pesentation together-you have until TBD

Lewis and Clark
Who were Lewis and Clark
Why did they take this journey of exploration
Who did they meet along the way, and what help was recieved
What part of the country was explored
How did the United States aquire this land
How long did it take
War of 1812
What countries fought in the War of 1812
Who was president and what happened to Washington D.C.
What type of battles took place on the Great Lakes and where
What happened at the Battle of New Orleans and who won
What was the result of the war
The Rise of American Industry
How did the Erie Canal open up the Great Lakes to industry and settlers
What part did the Railroads play in opening the American west
Inventors and Inventions: Eli Whitney interchangeable parts and the cotton gin; Samuel F.B. Morse telegraph and Morse code; John Deere the riding plow; Robert Fulton steamboat
Describe the American Factory and textile mills
Southern Slave System
What was life like for the southern planter/slave
How were the slaves controlled
How did slave resist their masters
What was Nat Turner's Rebellion
What was slave culture/religion
Abolitionist and Resistance to Slavery
Who was William Loyd Garrison and what was The Liberator
Describe the Underground Railroad and how it worked
Who was Harriet Beecher Stowe and what was Uncle Tom's Cabin
How did Fredrick Douglass contribute to bringing the message of slaves to the north
Who was Sojourner Truth
Where did slaves try to escape too
Missouri Compromise
Explain the controversy leading up to the Missouri Compromise and evaluate the impact of the compromise on the sectional tensions in the United States.
Be able to: define the word "compromise," Explain the controversy over the Missouri Compromise, Describe the provisions of the Missouri Compromise, Explain the significance of the Missouri Compromise, Define the word "sectionalism"
Indian Removal and Relocation
Inter active Map:
Trail of Tears:
Evaluate President Jackson's Indian removal policies and their effects on American Indians
Explain John Marshall's opinion for the Court majority in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
Identify the tribes that were removed from the southeastern United States during the early 1800s
Identify the location and geography of Indian Territory
Describe the reasons American Indians did not want to leave their homelands
Describe the experiences of the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears
Black Hawk War: Takes place in Illinois and Wisconsin
Texas War for Independence
Understand the Texan's grievances against Mexico
Describe what led to Texas's War for Independence
Explore the events of Texas's War for Independence
Explain the outcome of Texas's War with Mexico
What happened at the Alamo? Where is it located?
Who were the significant figures of the Republic of Texas and the War with Mexico
Identify and describe the major causes, battles and figures of the Texas's War with Mexico
California Gold Rush
Why did Americans migrated west and identify the main overland and water routes
Identify the types of people who participated in the California Gold Rush
What was the impact of the gold rush on California and the rest of the United States
What part of California was gold discovered
Who are the Forty-niners
John Brown's Raid
Describe Northern and Southern reaction to John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia
Explain the reasons for John Brown's raid
How did John Brown's raid at Hapers Ferry reflect wider abolitionist convicitons and stronger regional discord among northerners
Create a biographical sketch of John Brown and what happened in Kansas